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The Acmos Method aims to keep you in good health by balancing your energy and vitality. This restores your body’s natural abilities of self-management and self-healing.

In our hectic modern lifestyle, your body faces tensions or aggressions due to a wide variety of stressors e.g. emotional upsets or something in your environment (geopathic stress, mobile phones, computers, family stress, viral illness, food sensitivities etc).

When your defences are low this tension can cause the circulation of energy in one of your circuits to fuse just as it does in an electrical circuit if there is a fault. In the short term this protects the whole system but it closes down the area affected until the fuse can be reset. When there is enough energy the ’fuse’ usually resets automatically however sometimes a little help can be needed especially if you feel disconnected, isolated or ‘stuck‘.

"I feel like am all fixed up again it's a great feeling really over the moon with the change in me you don't realise how down you are until you get a lift it's like I'm on a permanent high."

Thanks Tricia

The therapist resets or tunes up the deep imbalances in your energy system using the Acmos Method. Each balance is very specific and you may be surprised what the system reveals about why you have developed your particular symptoms.

"This is for anyone who is thinking about giving Acmos a go. It is definitely worth a go! I was a bit wary about what it could do to make you feel better in yourself, but after my first session and within a couple of weeks I felt much happier with more energy and knew that something had worked for the better. I am amazed at how accurate it can pick up on things. Tricia was very confident and took her time to explain everything. Sometimes you have to take a little remedy depending on what your needs are. I recently had my second session and am feeling great and will have another in January."

Thankyou Tricia x
To find out more about ACMOS and what it could do for you, why not give me a call on - 01463 712226
Analysis of the Compatibility of the Materials of the body / Organism and their Synergy
"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."
Albert Einstein