The ACMOS method - A complete system for energetic health

A balancing session lasts around 2.5 hours with a follow up approximately 2/3 months later. This allows time for the energy system to absorb the changes; to re-vitalise blocked areas and to get rid of toxins. The therapist resets or tunes up the deep imbalances in your energy system using the Acmos Method. Each balance is very specific and you may be surprised what the system reveals about why you have developed your particular symptoms.

Picture of ACMOS session

The Aim of the Acmos Method is to unblock the energy circuits to the reserves allowing the person to have enough energy available for self healing and self management. We do not use a symptom lead approach, which differentiates us from the medical field. We work in the field of Global Energy Balance and even medical doctors appreciate this complementary approach.

Each session is led by your body’s response to specific questioning via the Acmos Protocol.

In the 1950's Rene Naccachian an engineer had a serious knee injury that could not be healed by western medicine. On a visit to China he consulted a Master of traditional Chinese Medicine and his knee pain improved.
As an engineer his enquiring mind could not let this rest and his life long study of energy medicine began. He started by searching for scientific explanations, developing the antenna for human measurement and inventing the bio-feedback tester to measure our energetic circuits. These measurements give precise indications of the areas where energetic disturbances are within the body and can be tested after the session to see the results. He discovered that the environmental aggressions which surround our daily lives, whether geopathic electric, radioactive, electro smog e.g. phones or computers affect us energetically too.
After years of study in Chinese Medicine and the scientific research of human measurement he developed this remarkable system of energy medicine called Acmos.

Dr Rene Naccachian
Dr René Naccachian

ACMOS treatments are designed to restore the capacity of the body to self-heal and regulate itself. The Bioenergetician firstly takes a reading of the energy fields, using the antenna to locate the origin of any imbalance. Once this has been located the Antenna is used to identify the correct path to restore balance. ACMOS incorporates a variety of methods and medicines: energetic acupuncture, application of powerful essential oils and homeopathic remedies, minerals, trace elements and colour therapy, are all part of the ACMOS toolkit. Each missing link in the body's energy reserves is presented to the energy field in order to identify the one the body selects for rebalance. A Bioenergetician checks on thirteen different levels to detect possible imbalances, which include hormonal imbalances, Geopathic stress, psychological factors and nutritional deficiencies.

The logical range of natural ACMOS products, has been carefully selected and developed. They have been incorporated to form the contents of the ACMOS Valise a veritable box of fuses for the human body. These regulators (essential oils, minerals, trace elements, homeopathic and herbal remedies …) enable the re-establishment of the body’s energetic harmonies. They can respond to particularly profound disharmonies existing within the body at the physical and psychological levels. They are used by being placed precisely at the point on the body where their energetic vibratory quality is required, or where exists an energetic fault. Chromo-therapy (using coloured filters) is also used to ensure the elimination of toxins and dead cells.


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Analysis of the Compatibility of the Materials of the body / Organism and their Synergy
"Everything is energy and thatís all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."
Albert Einstein